Team Effort International, LLC
Founded in 2002, Team Effort International, is a privately held, debt free company with global offices in Northern California.
Our focus is on helping others.
You are now a part of a multi-million dollar industry and we expect that you will earn millions of dollars with consistent and persistent efforts.
Bringing Health and Wealth through technology
MVT Studio
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Journey to the Top
There came a time a group of ordinary individuals with extraordinary dreams realized that the common vision of ‘changing people’s lives’ became stronger than their own individual goals and that’s when in the wee hours of 9th June, 2009 the team MVT Eagles took flight. 
The foundation of MVT Eagles is a team of professionals from various walks of life, who are passionate about the network marketing/direct selling industry, who have spent years educating themselves about the industry and who are passionate about PEOPLE. This core team is the ‘movers & shakers’ of My Video Talk (MVT) and Team Effort Network (TEN) worldwide creating history by making AND breaking records